Emotional Respite

Customer Testimonials

Due to the confidential nature of my work testimonials are anonymous. If you would like to submit a testimonial please send it to [email protected] 

“Using the Emotional Respite Counselling Service has had a transformational effect on my life. Having cerebral palsy means that I find it difficult to attend counselling in a traditional setting. Previous forms of therapy meant travelling to places at times that's were not convenient for me or inaccessible due to steps and rooms being on different floors. Typically the sessions would last for blocks of 10. The Emotional Respite service offers me on-going support and the opportunity to talk to somebody who is living with a disability herself so empathises with the situations I discuss. As a result of using the service I have gained increased confidence and have been able to grow as a person with the support offered. I would strongly recommend that other people try out the service. “

"I first contacted Helen of Emotional Respite when I noticed I was struggling to cope with everything that was going on in my life. I had lost my father very suddenly 2 years earlier in very difficult circumstances and I was also beginning to have problems with my health. I was diagnosed with a chronic health condition when I was young although I had lived a relatively normal life throughout my teens and early 20s, unfortunately my condition was starting to worsen. These combined issues really effected my confidence and self-esteem in all aspects of my life and I reached a point where I needed to talk.

Helen helped me accept my condition and to recognize and understand my thoughts. Counselling gave the tools that not only enabled me to cope with this particularly difficult part of my life but they also helped me grow as an individual. I am much more mindful of the present and the future of my health no longer scares me the way it once did. For the first time in a long time I can say I am happy and content and I'm looking forward to seeing what life brings. Thanks a lot Helen!"

"I found the sessions really beneficial & you gave me lots of useful things to think about. Your service is wonderful for people with chronic illness/disability & I will certainly recommend you."

" I came to counselling because I felt like I needed to speak with someone to give me that extra guidance and for reassurance. after my sessions I was given strategies to help me when I needed it, Helen listened to me. Was non judgemental and understood my feelings. I found the sessions really helped because Helen could relate to my feelings as she is in the same situation. I would recommend the service."

" I used Helen's service for two months and found it extremely helpful. I was pleased the she offered different forms of contact as this was what I needed at the time. Communicating via e-mail allowed me to receive prompt counselling that fitted around my life which was, at the time, in a state of upheaval. It was also extremely helpful to find someone who specialised in disability and understood the issues I faced. I found her to be insightful and compassionate and would recommend her service to anyone."