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Octia 2016 - Online Therapy for Those Affected by Disability and Illness.

Comments from the Online Therapy Hub on my presentation "Helen Rutherford’s presentation raised the technological bar another notch as she delivered her presentation via webcam from her own home. She gave some powerful insights into her work as a counsellor who was inspired to set up an online service that could reach others finding themselves in similar situations to herself, where physical constraints make it difficult or impossible to access traditional services. For me, Helen most fully represented and personified the theme of the conference, “Relational Depth and Emotional Connection in Online Therapy”. She communicated clearly and movingly and captured everyone’s attention." Kate Dunn

" From my perspective Helen R was the only presenter not physically in the room but that somehow that made her presentation all the more powerful! She spoke with such passion, integrity and conviction about creating an accessible online service - curiously delivering the information online seemed to demonstrably encompass the issue. " Carole Francis-Smith